We are evolution, we are
After almost 30 years of journey, we have evolved and become one of the leading players in the technology sector with over 2400 talents, a 2022 turnover of 129.2 million euros, the acquisition of two companies, and a global presence.
To fulfill our strategic plan for 2021-2024, achieve our goals, and align the brand image and perception with the positioning objectives and international expansion, we have initiated an ambitious rebranding process.
The formula for change:
Brand image and perception
The new brand is a statement of intent that reflects the company's evolution in terms of our current dimension, international projection, the services we offer to our clients, and the culture and values we share with our talents.
Our new identity, our true self.
Why  knowmad? 
Because we are aware that this profile of "knowledge nomads" is the future and present of the workforce. They are digital talents, creative and innovative individuals who are deeply connected to a purpose and capable of networking with others beyond physical boundaries. They are passionate about their work, responsible, and also flexible and tolerant of failure as a counterpart to their creativity and innovation. This openness and acceptance keep them in a state of continuous evolution and learning, and it also fosters healthier interpersonal relationships with less judgment. When we read all of this, we think, "They're talking about us!"
Why mood? 
We use "mood" in the sense of a state of mind, a spirit, a way of being. We don't want to be digital nomads, but rather feel like digital nomads. It's important for us to distance ourselves from the individualistic concept that may be associated with being a nomad and embrace the philosophy that a knowmad represents, as a team, as "us". That's why we want to convey that we have the spirit of a digital nomad as a concept, rather than as a way of being.
knowmad mood is an honest and transparent brand that speaks about the ecosystem of talents, partners, clients, and above all, the people who make it up. These are individuals in a continuous state of learning and growth, resilient and constantly evolving to face societal changes together.
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The process behind a big change.
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